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The major downside of Her is that everyone looks so cool that it’s difficult to work up the courage to actually like anyone.

But as I was scrolling, I accidentally liked someone who was clearly out of my league. "Hey" was four times more popular as a conversation opener according to Her's study.

I will never stop feeling like my thumbs are too big to navigate an i Phone. My first message on Her was this stunningly creative gem: "Hey how was your weekend? Once I got over the initial fear of liking photos, I became a photo-liking fiend.

I scrolled through hundreds of photos of Her users, liking photos of a chef, a dancer, a medical student, and dozens of pet owners posing with their fur-babies. In the week that I was hacking the app, Her announced a major change—an option to list your gender on your profile.

It came from a personal problem: we’d been using products out there that just didn’t cut it, so we set about making something to improve the dating world for women.I compromised and took one new horrible picture and used two old pictures that kind of still look like me.I’m sure this is not the ideal way to do this hack, but it was also after nine at night, and I didn’t want to change clothes to take a picture of myself a hundred times and pick one where I didn’t look like I wanted to throw my phone out the window."Profiles that have a sexuality label (as opposed to the status 'No Label') are 20% more likely to get a like.The study found that, "after 44 messages you are most likely to get a positive response when you go for the digits." Because users are relying mostly on photos (although there is an option to include small text boxes on your profile) to get a sense of who they want to message, users go into each interaction without a lot of information.While I had a few false starts—message chains that petered out after six or seven exchanges—I actually prefer Her’s setup to Ok Cupid, the dating app I’ve used most in the past.

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