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Any balance problems show up faster on the ground than with the barrel of the horse.Katie Phalen: Laura, first make sure everything's working well at the walk and trot.The other thing is to think about what specifically you need to be doing. You don't want people driving around staring down at the steering wheel. Katie Phalen: Adults have bigger fears--they're seen the world and know what can happen. You have to make sure you get to the point of the class.The best way for adults to learn, often, is just by watching.After I ride I get a red bruise-like marks a couple of inches below my knee in my inner leg. Katie Phalen: Bubba, it probably is a saddle problem.One person says that means I have my legs in the proper position. The students that I've had with that have had a saddle fit problem.La Katie Phalen: Position themselves so they can work either rein.Practice 2-point--stay balanced over your center of gravity.

The magazine had been thinking about this topic for a while--and thought of me after I wrote about Pony Kids--lessons for 4-6 year-olds. Katie Phalen: Shenoa, the shortest route to a secure seat is a longe lesson.

The trainer might not feel safe with that horse in a lesson setting. Bubba: My sis in law is teaching my on one of her horses. She wants me to find a balance point to become for comfortable.

She has me standing up in the stirrups at a walk as upright as I can do it. Katie Phalen: There are often times I have a student who can't learn to sit and gait on their own horse.

When they take a longe lesson on a different horse--who might have a quieter seat. Know what it feels like to sit a trot on a horse with a quiet movement.

Still, try working on another horse, then go back and apply those feelings to work with your Walker. I have a student who has a Quarter Horse who lopes by diving into the gait.

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