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The new law also included a commitment to establish a new forest revenue system; it required the preparation of a National Forest Plan as a precondition for the development of new forestry projects.In addition, the forest policy also called for an increase in domestic log processing since currently 80% of PNG’s timber is exported as unprocessed round logs.Section 54 of the Forestry Act requires that all resources must also be developed in accordance with the National Forestry Plan (NFP).Despite the tightening of regulations, the Forestry Act of 1991 has been subsequently undermined by contradictory amendments and weak implementation.

Papua New Guinea’s principal forestry legislation is the Forestry Act of 1991.

WRI attempts to keep the information featured in the Risk Tool's country profiles up to date.

However, the legal frameworks and the situation in each country are constantly changing.

Since the Forestry Law and its subsequent amendments cover all aspects of PNG forest policy and the NFDP was not extended, it has now expired.

However, discussions to implement a new Plan are underway.

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It highlights sustainable production, domestic processing, forest revenue, training and localization, review of existing projects, forest resource acquisition and allocation and sustainable development.

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