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Most products should be in the average category, few in the extreme categories.(Check the modification date at the bottom of the page to see when these were last updated, but I do try to update this page regularly as state-of-the-art changes): Features: Older Reviews Meanwhile, what follows are links to my older reviews that have not yet been redone in the new format or added as Quick Reviews to this site’s database pages.Please note that most of the performance comments for the following reviews need to be brought up to date.[....] For millions of years, a natural partnership between plants and soil microbes has helped regulate carbon dioxide levels in the atmosphere.During photosynthesis, plants absorb carbon dioxide from the air and transform it into sugars, carbohydrates, and other carbon-based molecules.7000 BC; the Sivaliks and the Potwar (Pakistan) region also exhibit many vertebrate fossil remains and paleolithic tools. 16-17] - [First published by Times Books (as The Times Compact Atlas of World History) 1995 - updated and reprinted 2002] *Trivia: "If Ohio State University soil scientist Rattan Lal is right, one of the simplest solutions to climate change may be right under our feet.

These are: Pluto [250 years], Neptune [165 years], Uranus [84 years], Saturn [28 years] and Jupiter [12 years]." - Wiki Trivia - "In the 8th millennium BC, agriculture became widely practised in the Fertile Crescent and Anatolia. Decline of Indus and Saraswati Civilization - 2200-1900 BC; 6. Period of evolution of syncretic Hindu culture - 1400-250 BC [....] 8,000 B. - Bog Bodies - "Over the past centuries, remains of many hundreds of people - men, women, and children - have come to light during peat cutting activities in northwestern Europe, especially in Ireland, Great Britain, the Netherlands, northern Germany, and Denmark.

Basically, if it's on the dslrbodies site or linked to from this site, then the review still has some merit (though always look at the ratings on this page to verify performance comments).

It has been proven now scientifically that Best Gore members are well endowed and physically attractive.

Note that this section is a work in progress on the dslrbodies site.

I've been wanting to rework my lens reviews for some time, and have slowly begun the process of doing so.

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