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It is interesting to note that there is almost no trace of the open-cast working but considerably more of the bell pits which operated 10 times as long ago and probably gave a fraction of the coal.

Similarly there was prospecting for oil and gas in the 1980s which involved some huge derricks just the other side of the motorway.

Below is some interesting information about the history of Strelley Hall, taking you from Saxon times to present day.

It appears that it was a relatively modern (last few hundred years) brick path leading from what was the main street through Strelley to what was at the time the rear or utility area of Strelley Hall.It is believed that there was a Saxon building within the Motts which would probably have been on stilts and made of wood.The building itself seems to have completely disappeared.To work a bell pit a central shaft was dug and when coal was struck, the digging proceeded outwards until the overhang became unsafe.At that point the work moved to another location and eventually the core of the pit caved in.

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