Dating a longtime friend

You finally downloaded dating apps, asked the cutie with the funniest response to "If you were a breakfast food, what would you be? You started hooking up — as one does — and now…It can be hard to admit that you want to fall in love as a single person.It's extra vulnerable to say "I'm alone but I don't want to be." But if, like me, you kind of really do want to fall in love in 2018, why not make some resolutions to ensure th…When I was three years old, my babysitter Amy took me to Bloomingdale's on the Upper East Side to meet Santa Claus.Actually, less than a quarter of men in relationships stray.Regardless, your goal may be to remind your friend infidelity has hurt countless other women."At this point, your friend doesn't care about anyone else," says Dr. "This news is a total crisis and telling tales of other people's woes isn't helpful." Instead, acknowledge that her situation and reactions are unique, and comfort her with "I'm here to support you." Better yet, offer concrete ways of helping.For instance, if she has children, babysit her kids when she decides she needs a night to discuss the infidelity with her spouse.

Venus casts a love enchantment over everything that happens between Monday, Dec. Or maybe when you dropped the L-bomb, they just mumbled some kind of awkward "uh, thanks? As with all new moons, this will…If you ask me, dating apps are the real MVP.

On any given day, I'd describe my demeanor as "frisky," but the holidays boast a unique ability to really put me in the mood.

In New York City, every bar is decked out in wreaths and string lights, ripe for transforming any encounter from mediocre to…Well, look at you, Miss America.

What I’m saying is, you want to be on my Christmas shopping list.

I spend all year compiling lists of gift ideas for a…On Dec.

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18, 2017, the new moon plays with Venus, the planet of love and relationships, but all is not a bed of roses.

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