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This typically lacks any drama of the decision itself, but has a different form of drama in how people make arrangements with each other, manage jealousy and households, and deal with the disapproval of society as a whole.

Individuals who identify as polyamorous may consider themselves "Ethical Sluts".

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  2. 🙂 Yes–Dad’s are incredibly important, and one day I will get my husband to help address a dad’s role in a teenagers life. I’ve been told by a lot of parents that this post absolutely pertains to teen girls as well! I didn’t mean to leave them out, I just don’t have any girls so I didn’t feel qualified to claim that!

  3. Por supuesto, como lo señala Judd Marmor (1971) "nuestras actitudes concernientes a la desnudez, virginidad, fidelidad, amor, matrimonio y comportamiento sexual adecuado sólo son significativas dentro del contexto de nuestras tradiciones culturales y religiosas".