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In return, the man gets to sit with an attractive woman, who makes him feel good about himself.

Such conversations are never restricted to a restaurant; on transatlantic flights, in an elevator, even at a Pilates class — you grab every opportunity to trade on your erotic capital in order to benefit your own lot in life.

By the time I arrived in London to go to university, my skills had been honed even further.

I groomed a relationship with a professor whose cousin worked in TV.

My own allure grew from the get-go of my professional life.

Working in TV meant being around young, single, sexually available men and women.

But they were primarily interested in each other; their bosses were rarely on their radar.

Typically a generation older than me and my peers, our bosses wanted someone to listen to them moan about their wives or kids.

Do I regret those hours spent listening to him rabbiting on about his career, his successes, of a life lived aeons ago, while my fellow students were out having a good time?They wanted to feel valued as a man — and I was always more than ready with the right words. I’d arrive early — looking perky — to have that valuable 30 minutes of chat with the guy who controlled my wages and the path my career took.It paid off — I went from job to job, with a salary increase each time.Whether you are working for a guy in London or LA, they are one and the same.Without realising it, I was just obeying the principles outlined by sociologist Dr Catherine Hakim in her new book called Honey Money: The Power Of Erotic Capital.

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He was reputed to occasionally put forward favoured students who would automatically go on to be granted that much-sought-after first rung on the ladder.

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