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Would-be 'biohackers' around the world are setting up labs in their garages, closets and kitchens — from professional scientists keeping a side project at home to individuals who have never used a pipette before.

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For now, most members of the do-it-yourself, or DIY, biology community are hobbyists, rigging up cheap equipment and tackling projects that — although not exactly pushing the boundaries of molecular biology — are creative proof of the hacker principle.

Meredith Patterson, a computer programmer based in San Francisco, California, whom some call the 'doyenne of DIYbio', made glow-in-the-dark yogurt by engineering the bacteria within to produce a fluorescent protein.

As a schoolboy, he says, he saw his first computer and fell in love.

"Everybody looked at me like, 'Why on earth would you even want to have one of those?

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Eventually, he decided to follow his own advice, setting up a garage lab in 2005.

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