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Anyone know if any lenders do a no credit check mortgage. I had same issue and we have mortgage with not a mainstream lender, we are not penalised either for our credit rating not being over 800 points Hope this helps xx The best thing you could do is wait until your credit rating has recovered. We pass affordability, have the deposit, pass everything and have a GOOD credit score, but because of multiple searches- which we didn't realise made a mark, we can't get one. Any help much appreciated Hi try experian they match your credit score to a suitable mortgage lender.Absolutely amazing app that looks beautiful on your site and is easy to set up.

I would recommend Chatra to anyone who is interested in taking their online presence to a new level with chat functionality.

Live chat is the best way to fight cart abandonment and avoid potentially costly delays replying to website visitors. Lots of my customers are using it to get in touch with a “quick question” that may not have otherwise been emailed.

For small businesses, each potential customer matters and every single contact is important. It creates a more personal exchange, and I feel not only are more browsers becoming buyers, but they are happier with the service and will become repeat customers.

Apparently this is supposed to be becoming common practice where they will do numerous credit searches on until you complete.

I still don't see how this will help as we were told by nationwide another credit check would have been detrimental.

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