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Reviewers have compared Meklit’s voice to that of the legendary singer Nina Simone.

Her collection of semiabstract works displayed at the Guggenheim was inspired by “a multitude of sources, including historical photographs, urban planning grids, modern art, and graffiti, and explores the intersections of power, history, dystopia, and the built environment, along with their impact on the formation of personal and communal identities.” I have my fingers crossed this will be the first Ethiopian film that will win the Oscars.

Born in Ethiopia, raised in Sweden, and a proud resident of Harlem, he’s inspired by this global background to infuse his culinary experiences with diverse elements of music, history, culture, and the arts.

Today, he is a celebrated award-winning chef, restaurateur, author, philanthropist and food activist.

But for Marcus, it is clear that the aim is much bigger than fine dining.

In a way, it is a contribution to the revitalization of this historic neighbourhood and we salute him for that.

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