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Because we do not meet in a traditional classroom, we must rely on electronic discussion.

You will be randomly assigned to an Canvas "team" after the end of the drop/add period.

Assignment due dates adhere to this time zone, and it is your responsibility to submit assignments accordingly.

If you are outside of the ET time zone, you can set your Canvas account to sync to it.

In addition, you will write an analytic paper on a major topic or theme in classical mythology studies.For questions or issues, you can contact the University Libraries Reserve Help ([email protected] I do, though, STRONGLY urge you to buy two of the books on the list: Homer and Ovid. This guide serves as your starting point for access to all that Penn State Libraries can offer you as an online student.Use this guide if you have questions on library services offered to you, how the library can help you, how to use the library, or what resources you can access via the library!(These questions should be posted in the General Questions Discussion Forum.) You must make all your own posts. And while there is a weekly minimum (1 post and 1 reply), there is no maximum to how much you can post/reply.In fact, the more the better because the goal of the team discussions is to create ongoing and engaged conversations about the readings, lectures, and other relevant ideas.

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Refer to the As a general rule, you will NOT be able to go back and make up missed assignments.

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